Water Purification & Filtration - Installation and Services since 1984.

One of the owners is an active Pharmacist, and, he is also a certified nutritionist, and, the other one is an ex-pharmacist who has a B.A in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from The University of New Orleans, a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Xavier University of Louisiana, and is a Certified Water Specialist with the Water Quality Association. The two of them have researched the benefits of Alkaline Water and have developed a Wellness Water Cartridge for drinking water, that will aid people’s immune system in fighting disease.

The Wellness Water Cartridge adjusts the water to an Alkaline state after it has been filtered and stripped of all dissolved solids. The health benefits of drinking water in an alkaline state has been very well documented, and, helps reduce the acidity in the body. Most common human disease processes flourish in an acidic environment. Keeping your body in an alkaline state helps to reduce the risks of these diseases.

This is what sets us apart from every other water company…