Water Purification & Filtration - Installation and Services since 1984.

The Wellness Water Company was birthed when Oncology Rx and The Wellness Store, merged with Julio Torres, owner of The Water Company to create a filter to help people’s wellness. With over 50 years of experience as Pharmacists (and Mike is a Certified Nutritionist since 1998), the two have researched the benefits of Alkaline Water and have developed a Wellness Water Cartridge, for drinking water, that will aid people’s immune system in fighting disease.

Partial list of clients:
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Maritime Building Energy Partners Morris Bart
Saratoga Building Jesuit High School Morton’s of Chicago
Balcony Jones, Walker Law Firm Mr. Mudbug
Tic-Toc Cafe Louisiana Pizza Kitchen Ocshner Hospital-Kenner
Rock- N- Bowl Lakeway Athletic Club One Shell Square
Arnaud’s Langenstein’s Grocery Pascal’s Manale
Barreca’s Restaurant Lockheed Martin Puccino’s
Zea’s Majoria Drugs Treasure Chest Casino
Belladonna Spa Marriot Hotel Wellness Store
Bravo’s Restaurant Earthsavers Woodland Plantation
Bunny Bread Children’sl Hospital Ye Olde College Inn
Caffe Caffe Court of Two Sisters T.G.I Fridays